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With the Worldwide ongoing situation with the treath of the COVID19, we’ve decided to shot a clip in which we play one of our most epic and granitic mid-tempo track entitled ” Beholding The Oceans”.
Unfortunately,since each one of us is locked down and unable to meet and rehearse , we’ve been forced to cancel our comeback live show, scheduled for the 2nd of May 2020, in the actual moment its postponed, yet we dont know ’till when, also exactly on the beginning of this pandemia,we’ve started to record our brand new album, after almost 7 years in silence ( “Ov Tentacles And Spirals” got released back in 2013) but as you can understand now its on standby,we and you must be patient but we all promise ,its gonna be a very great comeback, fresh music and ideas, of course keeping the trademark of the band’s sound unalterated!

AZRATH-11 is:

Antheres A.E . : Vocals
Enlil A.N. : Guitars
Dioskouroi D.F. : Bass and Vocals
Asmodevs D.D. : Drums et Percussions

Trve Lovecraftian Death Metal.

” Beholding The Oceans” written by Siderevs O.M. and Azrath-11, album ” Ov Tentacles And Spirals” released by Punishment 18 Records in 2013,all rights reserved.

Clip created by: Myskathon Multimedia.

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